Qwes Kross and Ali Cobrin interview with John and Dave in LA

Qwes Ross

Qwes and I had a great chat with John and Dave in LA, here’s an excerpt via AH 25/8 Entertainment:

Qwes Kross and Ali Cobrin interview with John and Dave in LA

“Ali where do you come in on this, how did you end up meeting Qwes and getting together on projects?
I met up with Qwes and I knew he had collaborated with a ton of people and I always have been a performer in my life and mostly focused on acting but I am super exicted to have this opportunity with Qwes.

What music you are going to be working on?
Pop and dance.

How is that working around your schedule with acting, I know after that huge push with American Reunion I know your super stardom is growing a little bit?
I’m super busy, i’m always running from one place to another, me and Qwes are always contacting each other leaving messages to ring me back or Qwes messaging me to call you back (laughs) and running all over town.

Qwes what do you have for Ali, are you going to be doing a duet?
Oh that’s going down, i’m really excited about Ali it’s going to be a great thing, take it to another level on the singing side. She is already doing her thing in acting and we want to put down a stamper. We got producers ready to work with her.”

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