Celebrity Lookalike? What do you think?


I’m not sure what to think- what do you think? From Crushable.com:

Celebrity Lookalikes: American Reunion‘s Ali Cobrin And Roswell-Era Shiri Appleby

by Natalie Zutter

When I saw American Reunion on Monday night, I was struck by one of the few teenagers in the film: Kara, Jim’s little next door neighbor who’s now blossomed into a nubile young creature who, better yet, adores her ex-babysitter. In each scene I found myself squinting at the smiling (and at one point naked) young actress, who looked to be a spitting image of Roswell star Shiri Appleby. I figured it might be her younger sister, making her acting debut in a less respectable way than on a WB show but still getting into the biz regardless.

However, IMDb later informed me that Kara was played by actress Ali Cobrin, who has no relation to Shiri. Still, the resemblance is uncanny, right? As I suspected, American Reunion is one of Ali’s first big roles, but she should’ve been cast in that CW show Life Unexpected from a few seasons ago; she looks much more like Shiri’s daughter than Britt Robertson did.

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