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So this section is about me. Easy! I know all about me: I love life. I love good weather and strong coffee. I love cities. I love surrounding myself with my best friends, and I love going to parties where I know absolutely no one (except maybe the host, provided I haven’t crashed it). I love my cat. I love my family. I love the stuffed-animal I’ve had since I was 9 months old. Her name is Nonny; she is an elephant. Consequently, I love elephants! I love dancing, books, movies, monopoly, little kids, music, large bodies of water and travel.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with my older brother and my parents. My brother Micky and I were really close, loved each other and fought all time. I wanted to do everything he did. He wore boys clothes, so I wore boys clothes. He went to summer camp, so I went to summer camp. He played sports- I tried to play sports. I played soccer when I was five years old and my two memories from it are peeing my pants during practice and getting hit directly in the face with the ball TWICE in one game. I also played basketball. I was on a team for 2 years and never once scored a basket. I’m not ashamed – it takes talent to be that bad at basketball. The silly thing is that even though I was so terrible at team sports involving balls and hoops and things, I was very athletic. Hard to believe, I know, but bare with me.. My brother ran track- you know where this is going- so, I ran track. But, I was actually good! I was super fast and could jump really far. I also ran cross country. I ran up hills, in the snow, sleet, rain, you name it.. it made me really tough! I won many races and placed well in others. My biggest accomplishment was competing in the Junior Olympics.

I also spent my childhood dancing. I was in tap, jazz, and ballet class since I was three years old. Dancing is where I found my love for the stage and performing. I got very serious about ballet at 12 years old when I started performing in the Nutcracker every holiday season. I left my local ballet studio and start training with Larry Long at the Ruth Page ballet school in downtown Chicago. I auditioned every year to go away to prestigious ballet summer programs and spent summers with American Ballet Theatre and the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC and Burklyn Ballet Theatre. The summer I turned 13 I traveled with Burklyn Ballet Theatre to Scotland and performed The Little Mermaid at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Around the same time, at 13 years old, my dad took me to see the musical CHICAGO on Broadway. That 31871_10150209862585195_6440343_nopened my eyes to a whole new world that I wanted to be a part of. I remember during the show leaning over to my sleeping father and telling him I could do the dancing part, but I needed to work on the singing and the acting parts. Back home in Chicago I started taking acting classes at the Piven Theatre and improv classes at Chicago’s famous comedy school, Second City.

I left my local high school and went downtown to the Chicago Academy for the Arts. I majored in musical theatre which allowed me to spend all day singing, acting and dancing and I loved it. Throughout high school I performed short-form comedy with the Teen Ensemble at Second City  and danced with the Civic Ballet of Chicago in ballets such as The Nutcracker and Coppélia. I was obviously super busy, but I had great friends that I spent a lot of time with. We were very lucky to be surrounded by so much theatre in Chicago and we saw as many plays, musicals, ballets & operas as possible. We saw fewer movies and crashed the occasional wedding. I graduated from the Chicago Academy of the Arts and moved to Los Angeles the very next day.

I was seventeen years old when I arrived in Los Angeles so I spent my time in acting classes and dance classes and also just generally hanging out. I trained for and ran a marathon because that’s how much time I had on my hands. Eventually I signed with Elite Model Management and appeared in commercials including AT&T, 7-Eleven, Lyrica, Outback Steakhouse, and opposite rap superstar B.o.B in the Adidas Originals MEGA Diner campaign. That was a good start, but I really wanted to be in TV and film. My first acting job was the lead on a Showtime series called LOOK where I played a 16 year-old girl named Molly. LOOK was based on the award winning and critically acclaimed film of the same title. Soon after, I filmed roles in the psychological horror film THE HOLE- shot in 3D and directed by horror icon Joe Dante, KINGS BY NIGHT- a comedy pilot for Spike TV, and guest-starred on NBC’s FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

My breakout role that has gotten me most attention from fans and the industry alike is Kara in Universal Studio’s American Pie fourquel, AMERICAN REUNION. Recently I filmed lead roles in three independent films LIFE’S AN ITCH, MONICA and GIRLHOUSE and a supporting role in BEAUTIFUL NOW, all to be seen in 2013/14. Next up for me is a supporting role in another Universal comedy called TOWNIES with Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron.

I am currently living in Hollywood with my cat. My family lives several blocks down the street and I see them often. I go to movies a couple times a week and spend as much time outside as I can in the beautiful southern-california weather. I take dance classes in my free time and have a part-time career as a professional hobbyist. Crocheting, scrap-booking, sewing, jewelry-making, book-binding, painting, thrifting, you name it- I probably do it. I love working in film and am excited to do more TV. I want to do theatre again and dream to be on Broadway.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please come again soon!


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